Moisburg, a tiny little city in northern Germany, is the scene for a long-time photo project for 2015. The old tavern there has been empty for many years now. It’s impossible to rescue the building so it will be demolished. A new building shall be created there instead. You can follow the whole process with me in pictures.

The latest set was very special since it was all about lightpainting and steelspinning (lightpainting with burning steel wool). Enjoy!

Set number four was shot on Valentine’s Day. I was expecting to find the grounds empty already. Instead there was still a bit of the house left over. Mountinas of old stones and construction wood around. Plus – beautiful goodie for me – “my” very much beloved piano was still in there and it lured me into the ruin again.

A little third set took place in the middle of demolishing the building. The stage is history, instead there’s suddenly no wall anymore. This snowy shooting took place on February 2nd 2015.

This second set of pictures was taken in three different sessions between January 28th and 31st 2015. One session was in the evening, another on in the early morning and the third one around noon. Together the results show a few of the last days in this house’s life.

The pictures below were taken in a session on January 18th 2015. The owners took me and my family through the whole building and showed us the grounds as well. It was our first visit there. Unfortunately it started raining while we were inside so we had to skip taking pictures outside.