Nina Gerke Photography

Adventures through a lens. Some pictures showing a split second, some a whole minute.

My speedy pictures are taken in motorsports, mainly the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship. I also love to take pictures at night, with or without painting with the light myself. So I can balance my photographic skills between being lightning fast and needing a lot of patience waiting for the shutter.

You can of course purchase any of the pictures shown here. And I case you miss something – like your own race car –  ask anyway please. I might have it even though it’s not displayed. A race weekend easily ends with more than 2000 pictures which are impossible to show completely.

Latest public galleries

Please feel free to follow me on Instagram also. There you will see high quality shots which are unpublished on this website as well as ordinary all-day photos. Whatever had my interest lately or made me play with a camera. Furthermore I would like to invite you to follow my photography page on Facebook.